Digital Artefact Ideas

Stumbling bleary eyed into my BCM112 lecture this morning, I had no idea what I could possibly do for my digital artefact this semester.

I wanted it to be cool, unique, edgy and just overall AMAZING.



Yet, I was stuck on a few basic, lacklustre ideas, all of which made me feel inadequate, and that maybe I should have just taken a different subject.

That is, until Ted arrived. Ted’s brutal honesty and scribbly graphs helped me realise that the digital artefact process would be both iterative and non-linear. His talk allowed me to grasp the full implications of our subject philosophy, ‘fail early, fail often’ (FEFO) and inspired me to be a bit more optimistic about my digital artefact.

The lecture concluded with a brief exhibition of previous student works. It was interesting to see how each student embraced their own interests across platforms, using their existing strengths to their advantage.

Coming away from this lecture I have a few new DA ideas brewing…

  1. The Young Dreamer Instagram page

My blog is all about passion and inspiration. I figured Instagram would be a great place to not only embody these ideals, but also to reach out and find other like-minded people, and welcome them into the community. If I don’t end up doing this as a part of my digital artefact then I will still probably do it for my own personal interest, though maybe a bit later down the track once I’ve adjusted to all the new social media in my life.

  1. Makerspace social media ambassador

I’m not sure if I’m being too hopeful here but this idea REALLY appeals to me. In our BCM112 lecture, a guy (not sure what his name was, sorry!) showed us that for his previous digital artefact, he created 360 degree footage of the Makerspace. He then uploaded it to the Makerspace’s official social media platforms where it reached a ready and willing audience. As someone who has had previous experience with similar machines, I understand how important it is that the utility of this space is made known to a wider audience. I already have a few original ideas of my own which I hope to be able to contribute and I’m really excited to explore this idea further.

  1. Hot chip connoisseur Instagram page

Call them hot chips or fries, I don’t care (what is in a name after all?) I LOVE THEM. And so do most other people. I figured Instagram would be a great way to share this love as I hunt down for the best hot chip fix in the St George/Illawarra region. Before you judge, just remember that this may also help YOU choose where you wan’t to go for lunch, saving you time, money, and from the disheartening experience of under seasoned potato-ey blandness.

Now none of these ideas may get me a Bloggie at the end of semester, but I do think that through the FEFO philosophy I may be able to at least create something that is successful, and something that I can be proud of.