You Wouldn’t Steal a Hedwig

Copyright aims to control the spread of memes because the industry wants to control content and ideas. My remediation this week is an example of how this model of highly restrictive copyright is incompatible with the internet.

The internet is open source, no matter how much big businesses try to create control and scarcity. Produsers, such as myself, will always find a way to take someone else’s content and remix it into their own new creation. The internet is optimised for this. There are thousands of online tools available which facilitate the ripping, mixing and mashing of online content. In the battle between prosumers and industry, participatory culture and monopolised material, open and closed formats, the algorithmic measures taken by sites such as YouTube and Soundcloud are insufficient. This week I was told that copyright aims to protect creators but the internet undermines this. Anyone can take an iconic theme song and use an online mashup tool to mix it with a warning video about piracy to create the world’s most ironic banger.

2 thoughts on “You Wouldn’t Steal a Hedwig

  1. I love your concept! And just for the record, yes, I would steal a Hedwig… if she was still with us (RIP). I think it’s very true that the nature of the internet and the nature of the current copyright laws just don’t mesh. There’s too many grey areas, and such a large scale of content copying, remixing, reposting, etc. that it’s actually pretty hard to find the original source of things. Something that interests me is the question of how you would prosecute an internet user. This is an interesting article to consider: What laws would you govern them by? Should there be an international internet copyright charter? How would this work in practise? Is copyright marking the end of creativity? For all of history creativity was only enabled by extending on already existing ideas, so how can creativity flourish in our current environment?

    I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with your remediation, and your explanation of it. Well done!

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  2. I love your sound-cloud. It’s a great example of this week topic, plus I’m a Harry Potter fan.
    You’r right on the mark with how copyright is trying to control content and ideas. Because of copyright the ability to be creative seems to be limited or takes to much effort, especially if you have to go through the lengthy process of getting permission to use something created by someone else.
    You have clearly proven your point that anyone, regardless of copyright, can produce a mashup using an iconic theme song.
    Just a small constructive criticism, when writing your blog I would suggest spacing it out a bit. Have small paragraphs instead of clumping it all together.
    Great remediation and explanation, looking forward to reading more from you


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